Global Recruiters Optimistic about the increasing hiring activity!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here is the latest blog post from NPA World Headquarters!!

The key takeaways?

1. My partners are optimistic about the next 6 months

2. The most active domains are manufacturing, construction, mining & chemical process.

3. Accounting/Financial services industries are weaker performing sectors!

Personally, I feel that companies are no longer waiting for things to improve, and are increasingly becoming choosy about hiring the best talent-and ready to pay the premium for the same!!

Among the global assignments we at Options are presently working, are

a) A China based Pharma R&D is keen to hire Indian Research scientists -who have been working in Worldclass research facility

b) A Korea based Remote Radio manufacturing company is hiring Indian engineers in Korea for implementing software designs !

c) An Indonesian company investing in increasing its market share in India-as the country is preparing to take the election.

Stay tuned for more :)!

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