Sales Managers for Startup "Cloudware' firm in India

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One of our clients is a Start up IT firm focused on providing simple software applications that empower a small business owner.

The company is in the process of building & rolling out an array of cloud ware applications across several micro vertical clusters-eg Health care, Manufacturing, Textile,...

Built on the spirit of collaboration, the firm believes in actively engaging & partnering with various participants in the SME ecosystem to develop, integrate, go-to-market, deliver and support solutions!

We are presently on the lookout for key professionals to handle Channel Sales across different regions in India- North, East, West & South India.

Prior sales experience in selling to the stakeholders in the respective clusters is a must!

Ideal candidates would be some one with a proven track record in selling Specialized products / Specialty consumables to specific verticals (like Manufacturing, Health Care, Textile etc.) – wherein the sales process entails some Technology Solutions selling or POC based Concept selling (Note: we do NOT want people selling Equipments / Capital Assets / Machinery etc.)

Engineer or MBA from a good institute -selling through Channels / Distribution Partners experience in relevant geographies, know local language(s) and know the lay of the land locally.

Should you be aware of anyone interested, please do feel free to reach out for more queries to [email protected]!

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