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Friday, July 23, 2010


My Client (a major Power development company in India) is looking for a Head of the Site (3,600 MW) to be based at Bilaspur, Chattisgarh for the upcoming Thermal Power Project. We are looking for a professional with experience in

- Project Development, Project Management, and Contract & Commercial for procurement actions, engineering co-ordination, Erection & Commissioning, Technical services
- Strong acumen for Cost analysis, commercial negotiations, framing of contract documents, controlling project cost, Capital & Revenue budgeting, Cash flow management
- Leading the project management activities of the Project
- Handling co-ordination for all Project Engineering activities, Contract & commercial functions related to the project procurement, scheduling of the major activities, supply chain management of both overseas & domestic equipments for the project
- Assists Project Head in co-ordinating with all statutory bodies like State’s Power Department Pollution Control Board, Inspector of Boilers, Inspector of Factories, Local Govt. agencies etc. for getting / renewal of permits

Should you know of anyone, please reach Mr. Menon/ [email protected]


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