Head Operations (Thermal Power Projects) at Hyderabad!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


My Client (a major Power development company in India) is looking for a Senior Professional to Head the Operations of the Thermal Power Projects. This position is based at Hyderabad and We are looking for a professional with experience in:

- Responsible for overall direction, control and monitoring of the operation of Power Plants, assigned by the Company
- Responsible for achieving operational excellence in all facets of power plant operation such as process consistency, cost management and customer care
- Overall Plant operational activities are in accordance with the technical parameters, Policies / Guidelines / Systems and procedures laid down by the company and complying laws, orders and directives of Central / State Govt.
- Reviews and monitors the performance of O&M Contractor
- Analyses the plant performance regularly and provides guidance to the Plant Heads
- Ensures compliance of the laws relating to the running and operation of the power plants including keeping various consents valid such as Inspector of Boilers, Inspector of Factories, Consent to Operate of PCB, CEIG Approvals, Wireless sets approval
- Submission of periodical reports to the Pollution Control Board for the pollution and other parameters
- Plans and organizes procurement of Fuel for meeting the generation requirement from either linkage source, open market, e-auction notified by the Coal companies and Gas for the concerned Plant
- Administers and ensures the billing of energy supplied to Customers

Should you know of anyone, Please reach to Mr. Menon/ [email protected]


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