HR Head (Level of Manager/ Sr. Manager) for an Engineering company @ Hyderabad...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


One of my associates is looking for HR Head for his client (an Auto-Engineering Company) with experience in

- Daily routine Managements, Role and Personality Profiles (RPP), weekly Business Reviews for all dept personnel for working in TQM culture.various formats & Procedures viz., canteen proposal, canteen monitoring procedure, security manual, Guidelines for absenteeism control, Guidelines for assessors on quarterly assessments, Safety related matters & Training Folder, Induction & orientation procedure etc., for the benefit of organization.
- Training requirements for all employees and become a Coach for operatives on various training activities.
- Ensuring prompt resolution of employee grievances to maintain cordial management-employee relations and managing contract labour.
- Negotiating and amicably settling disputes with the Union and maintaining discipline & harmonious working environment across all employee levels.
- Participating dispute settlement machinery (conciliation, arbitration & adjudication).
- Implementing disciplinary standards for minimizing violations of rules & regulations.
- Monitoring adherence to Statutory Regulations & Compliance with various Governmental Agencies; monitoring disciplinary issues & Legal matters.

Should you know of anyone, please reach me at [email protected]

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