GM Finance @ Hyderabad for a Power (Infra) company...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am looking for a Finance personnel with about 12 - 18 years of experience in Fund raising activities, Finance and Accounts. Detailed specs are below:

Strategic Financial Planning
- Heading finance functions involving determining financial objectives, designing & implementing systems, policies & procedures to facilitate internal financial control.
- Formulating business plans / strategies for maximizing profitability & revenue generation & realise organizational goals.

Project Evaluation & Management
- Screening new projects and conducting feasibility studies to determine the financial viability of new ventures; projecting cash flow and growth opportunities.
- Formulating operating procedures and quality standards; monitoring project progress to ensure execution of projects within the time & cost norms.

Fund Sourcing & Budgetary Control
- Liaising and negotiating with banks and financial institutions for raising fund and non-fund based facilities to finance capacity expansion projects.
- Formulating budgets and conducting variance analysis to determine difference between projected & actual results and implementing corrective actions.

A qualified CA with about 15-20 years of experience handled about 300 crores of Fund raising activities

Should you know of any one, please reach me at [email protected]

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