NPA Bulletin of some HOT jobs

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beginning now, I propose to be posting here, a weekly indicative list of some of the HOT jobs being handled by some of my associates across the world!

Some of you would be aware that Options is an active member of NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network , a global network of professional recruiters working together to better serve the clients through extended geographic reach, greater access to industry specialization, and improved operating efficiencies. It connects you to over 400 premier independent recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas!!

I am pretty bullish that we will see a global migration of talent in the near future, and so here is a great way for you to stay tuned in-to get a glimpse of some positions that could perhaps include a few that you have been always dreaming off!!

Just imagine the power of information that an online network of about 1700 recruiters across 6 continents, who could potentially help you find your calling?
Should you be aware of some one who could be interested in any of the above openings, or similar positions, please do feel free to reach out -along with the reference number to [email protected], and I shall be happy to provide you with more information!
Alternatively, we could also have a copy of your profile accessed by some of our 'specialists' in the fraternity, just incase some of their clients may need some one -fast!!
I shall be glad to address any queries you may have!
Happy hunting!

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