Opening for VP Contracts (Pricing & Bidding) at Hyderabad for a EPC company...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I have an opening for one of my client (into EPC Business) is looking for a VP Contracts (Bidding & Pricing)professional with following expertise to be based in Hyderabad:

- Review project details with Management to determine to bid
- Assisting in forming bidding strategies by reviewing Clients requirement, deducing likely optimum & cost-effective project execution plans, analysis on resource availability, bidding partners, subcontractors & competitors
- Prepare all cost summary reports & bid review package for management presentation
- Work closely with all areas of management for engineering, procurement, subcontracting, construction, project management, contracts & accounts for preparation of detailed cost estimates & proposal documentation
- Present Bid review package, which includes bid basis, execution plan, strategy analysis, summary cost estimates and financial reports, ensuring Senior Management is provided with all necessary information to enable competitive pricing decisions
- Carry out post-bid clarifications and follow-up

Should you know of anyone interested in this position with experience to handling Projects from EPC companies, please reach Mr. Sameer at [email protected]

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