Design and Structural Engineers -Hydro projects in Australia

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have a bunch of requirements -all mandates of my NPA partner from Tasmania!

The client attracts motivated electrical/power engineers!

Positions are multiple and professionals would participate in teams engaged in the design of:

o Substations, equipment and layouts;
o Protection, control, metering and SCADA systems;
o Transmission line design and location;
o Undertake liaison with site work and provide advice as necessary; and
o Exercise autonomy in applying technical knowledge and judgement.
o Prepare feasibility studies for major electrical engineering projects;
o Prepare business cases based on technical expertise, reasoned argument, financial assessment and risk analysis;

We are also looking for a senior Mechanical Engineering Project Manager. They’ll need excellent English for this role as well as experience managing and mentoring staff on industrial projects

Should you be aware of anyone wiling to relocate to Australia, please feel free to reach me out [email protected] and I shall be glad to fill you in with all the necessary details!

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