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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here is a mail from my NPA affiliate in the US!!

I am looking for market-savvy, entrepreneurial individuals who thrive on
risk, are brilliant analysts, who can prepare reports and accurate studies
of risks and investment potential on behalf of US clients playing in a
volatile global market. The right individual will be successful in both
team and solo environments, in a number scenarios and capacities. They will
be vital in deal sourcing, company analysis and evaluation, undertaking due
diligence, evaluating technology advantages and sustainability, assessing
technology commercialization potential, preparing industry and country
studies, providing market analysis, etc. Much of this activity will be in
emerging markets of Asia, Middle Eastern, and Former Soviet Union countries.

This individual will work remotely for the first couple of years
domestically and then will be given an ex-patriot package to move to their
respective geographies (i.e. Asia or Middle East or FSU). This Investment
Research Director will establish an office in one of these geographies and
be given an equity position in the company. This is a great opportunity to
establish a new business in an emerging market territory.

Profile of the Ideal Candidate for Investment Research Director

1. The ideal candidate has investment experience in emerging Asian and Middle Eastern markets.
2. Candidates may have worked for a private equity firm, mutual fund or investment bank involved with investment in/or acquisition of public and private corporations.
3. Candidates must be willing to live or work in the countries of their expertise.
4. Academic background (graduate and/or post-graduate degrees) in technical and/or business fields – for example, engineering, computer science, or telecommunications with a business minor.
5. Ten or more years of work experience, ideally with technology-based products, sales or services. Experience in multiple industries is a plus.
6. Should be comfortable working in an unsupervised environment and be entrepreneurial.
7. Should be a self-starter and problem solver.
8. Above average appetite for risk and be able to handle rejection.
9. Good sales and people skills – either professionally acquired or innate.
10. Good writing and analytical skills.
11. Strong business skills and familiarity with finance and economics, plus
knowledge of global emerging opportunities.

Required Attributes

Must agree to undergo a comprehensive background check and be able to provide personal and professional references as required as part of the interview process.
Up to 50% of time will be traveling to the country or countries of specialization.

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I want to know if this position is still available. and second, whether prior investment exp is mandatory or even an investment research exp would be considered.




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where there is a will and there is a way, so keep trying to get jobs in Gurgaon. All the best for your bright future.

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