HR Manager for a KPO @ Hyderabad...

Friday, March 28, 2008

I am on the lookout for some great talent!!One of our clients..a very highly visible global leader is setting up a KPO in Hyderabad-and we are looking for a dynamic HR person-to drivethe same.The ideal person would be

- an MBA with about 9-10yrs exp- with the last2-3 yrs exposure to a growing IT/ITES firm -and familiar with all thedynamics of 'recruitment to retention' of knowledge workers.

- The role would initially involve setting up, single handedly, theprocesses to hire about 200 professionals in the next 2 yrs, handle the HR operations, and align the culture in line with the globalpractices.

- Should you be aware of any person-who is strong conceptually, and has a long term interest in Hyderabad-and growing with my client's diverse businesses, please feel free to connect to me at [email protected]

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