A Small Article about our client: Metro Cash & Carry Pvt. Ltd...

Monday, October 15, 2007

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I was struck by looking at a nice article given by Mr. Javeed Ahmed about our client a german MNC into Retailing, Metro Cash & Carry Pvt. Ltd, so thought of sharing with you all. pls have a look and feel the same

My My ... Metro Hyderabad looked like a Mini Airport When I had the first Look. It was more curiosity that made me take my first trip to Metro.

Metro Cash and Carry is a wholesale hypermarket chain the largest division of German retail giant METRO AG. Remember Its a B2B(Business to Business) centre and mostly for wholesellers not for retailers or Individual customers, Unless U got a VERY LARGE JOINT FAMILY, which I doubt any one has one now a days ....LOL Its a cash-and-carry concept and No credit cards(ONLY CITI BANK accepted).

I am stuck with them in the Q over this biase towards other banks(poor banks). It is based around self-service and bulk buying so better go with one or two helping hands for U other wise soon you may be tired and lost(???) could be. Better leave the elders and wives at homes esp if its week end. Its a Bumber to Bumber inside, I mean trolley to trolley.....very large Trolley traffic just like the outside Hyderabad Traffic. AAAhhhhh PARKING as usual is a BIG problem esp on a week end. I don’t Blame them.

Its the Hyderabadis who fly like flies when ever a new Mall is Opened... Once they experience it they drop it off like a Hot Potatoe... Literally... But I managed to get in my small car with ease inspite of few words with the security staff there. I just thought I walked in to a suburban airport.. There was Lot of Parking Space, I did not understand why the security was not allowing us inside quote lack of space to park... May be PRECAUTIONS...

Ahhhhh Now the Permanent and temporary card ... I have no idea why they want to have a big Q for registrations when they already have done a survey, marketing and issued cards to most traders in Hyderabad in the months of JUNE/JULY/AUGUST. I did find odd. But being in B2B business I am Okie with it.

The entrace and the exit look just like the Airport ones... Huge Glass ones.... Metro, Hyderabad claims to be spread over 7 acre of land, occupying a selling space of more than 100,000 sq ft which including a temperature-controlled space of 20,000 sq ft to handle perishables, like vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat and fish. This is the Best area of whole of Metro ITS CHILL and PLEASEANT expect for the FISH smell.

The Metro has a range of 18,000 products, most of them are procured locally. After two Security checks you land inside and you may get lost very easily. In fact I had to use my mobile to locate my wife three or four times. AH Literally No Jokes. After better carry Water Bottle or else U r stuck. There are no ammenities inside the shoping area. And Above all U got to come out of the Shop for Loo.... Oh GOD!!! Don’t they even think about their staff ? Poor Souls...

PRICING of the Items are well displayed but I am not very sure if they are lowest even by wholesale standards, as I am not into Selling...But the clarity of pricing is appreaciated. BULK purchase are recommended. The labeling is done well. Even segregation of Items under different racks. It may be out of Hyderabad experience for most Hyderabadis esp the retail traders.

Ohh You will get NEDDLE PINS to OFFICE AUTOMATION TOOLS. VEGETABLES, FISH, MUTTON, PRAWNS, CHICKEN ... FRUITS ... RICE, PLUSES.... CAKES... COOKIES.. INDIAN as Well as IMPORTED.... TOILETRIES... GROCESSIES.... OFFICE FILES... MOBILES... SOFT DRINKS>.. CUTLERY.. SUITCASES .... BULBS.. .close to 18,000 odd items I suppose... With all these you may land up pushing two or three huge trollies...and must have walked atleast 5 KMS ... Its a Marathoon........ I lost my breath.....

The check out is again a PAIN. A Large Q .... But the pace of billing is fast and easy... Not the likes I have seen in Big Bazaar and Gaint(Spenser). Remember its CASH N CARRY Only CITI BANK CREDIT CARDS. It operates from 6 am to 11 pm. Rush in early and get out fast or else u get stuck till late evening

Source: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Art_On_Bargaining-116161-1.html

Thanks Mr. Ahmed for sharing such a mind boggling experience you had to all of us.

Regards, Sameer.... Feel free to reach me at [email protected]

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