Senior Linux Kernel Architect @Hyderabad

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our client is a global market leader in system firmware that provides the most secure foundation for today's computing environments. The Company established industry leadership with its original BIOS product in 1979, and today has 149 technology patents, has shipped in over one billion systems, and continues to ship in over 125 million new systems each year!

For the Indian operations based out of Hyderabad, we are on the lookout for an Architect- Someone with 8-12yrs of overall experence who can mentor a team of bright programmers.

The ideal candidate would have an in-depth knowledge of

1. X86 and X64 architecture

2. Linux internals. memory management, scheduling, devices (PCI, Video subsystem HCI) plus a holistic view of the whole system

3. Xen and virtualization knowledge.
For those with lesser experience, we can explore the following options

-Senior software designer.Atleast 5yrs of developing experience

-Software engineers- 2-3 yrs of coding experience.

So, should you know of persons having the spirit to learn, understand and implement-and willing to relocate to Hyderabad, please feel free to reach out to either at 919849040820 or [email protected]

Have a great day!

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