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Thursday, August 23, 2007

While most of the positions are in general management in the IT/old economy call for transplantable skills and competencies, occasionally one is challenged by an assignment seeking some specialised proven track record in a niche industry!!
I am presently working on an assignment for a mid sized company in the storage terminal business. The firm has been taken over by a new company, promoted by a fast growing infrastructure group & funded by some exciting names in the investment banking space.
The company is presently a Rs 150crore entity -and has the largest storage terminal facility in India presently-catering to the PSU oil companies as well as the big names in the private sector-with a small fraction business coming in from the petrochemical industry. With the change in management and aggressive expansion plans, the company foresees a multifold increase in the turnover by enhancing its bandwidth to handling bio-diesel and palmoil storage facilities across multiple locations in India-as well as increasing its presence in the EPC business-to handle third party storage terminal services.
We are on the look out for a technocommercial professional with very good project management experience in the petroleum/petrochemical industry -who can spearhead the company to becoming a 1000 crore entity by 2012.
The ideal candidate would be a BE Mechanical, with a MBA and someone in the 40-45 age bracket. Returning Indians with a strong business accumen would be welcome. Also those who have had experience in the PSU oil companies and handled large projects would also be good bets.
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