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Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is a request forwarded thru a network- I shall be glad to share the details with anyone who can reach me out!

The position will train in Milapitas, California for 3 to 6 months and then relocate to India.

Salary: $120k to $140k with Additional Comp of $20k to $30k

This company is looking for a Manager, Design Engineering with a mixed signal circuit design background to lead a design group in Bangalore, India.

In this position, the individual will help build and be the manager of a team of four to six circuit and mask design engineers working on innovative 3-dimensional nonvolatile memory products. Reporting directly to the 3D memory design director, the individual will be the sole responsible for all the activities of the newly formed 3D India design center.

-Be able to lead complex design projects, to partition design activities, independently define team schedule and consistently meet schedule targets.
-Be a technical mentor to guide and lead other circuit engineers in problem solving as well as planning.
-Work with mask design engineers and closely interact with them during the design phase by reviewing their layout and providing input as needed.
-Document and present new architectures, novel circuit designs and simulation results and participate in design reviews.
- Propose innovative circuit solutions and design methodologies.
-Perform full-chip mixed-signal verification.
- Develop and help execution of characterization and test plans for the projects.
-Work closely with process, product and test engineering teams to drive problems to resolution.

Knowledge of nonvolatile memory and analog design is preferred. This position requires a BS/BA degree or equivalent with 8 or more years of related experience and 2 or more years of direct management experience.

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