Know of anyone wanting to be a recruiter in Hyderabad?

Monday, June 25, 2007

We work on some real tough assignments and challenging clients.
Most of our clients have lots of recruiters on their team -and work with dozens of recruitment firms!!
And so, none of our jobs are easy to fill!!Absolutely no shortcuts for us!!! Each one of our recruitment team works across the life cycle of hiring. Each one manages a client, understands the role before searching for the right fit- screen them, arrange interviews, counsel candidates for the right openings, and...find the 'right person for the right job'!! It only brings out the best in us :-)!
We are constantly looking for the best of people..people who arent even looking for a change-but who wd be definitely better off doing more exciting roles elsewhere!!
We work across industries- IT and Non IT. We dont do any hiring for BPOs. No freshers. Infact not many even below 3yrs.
As member of Executive Recruiters Association ( we have opportunities to meet the best of recruiters in the fraternity, exchange notes with them, benchmark best practices and constantly raise the bar. Why, we even have 'recruiter training programs' occasionally to hone our skills!!
So most of our recruiters are talking to people more qualified and older than equals!!
Telecom, Infrastructure, consulting firms, Insurance, Retail, FMCG, Consumer durables, Industrial goods, Finance companies,....manufacturing companies..across India.Some of our clients are in China, UK, USA, Malaysia, and yes, even Holland and Guatemala!! Its a learning experience just dealing with these global players!!
Should you feel you know some one -who is good at solving problems, and is willing to -at all times, do feel free to reach out to me. Just mail [email protected] !!
PS- pl recommend only for those who want to pursue recruitment as a career!!

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