Jobs in sectors other than IT!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

As we approach the middle of this week, let me try and put down some of the exciting opportunities that we are working on -this week! While some of the positions are confidential and will be handled with the required sensitivity, I shall also add that some of these positions are being frontended by my colleagues in the recruitment fraternity..mainly some of the ERA members.

-Brand Manager for a MNC leading fashion garment company. Based in Bangalore, the ideal person would be a 'non premier' MBA graduate with about 8 to 10yrs of experience in the industry-with atleast a couple of years stint in the Indian garment/fashion industry. The position has been open for a month and a half now and so you can expect it to be closed asap!

-Couple of Finance positions are there for the asking.

One is a CFO of a regional aviation company wanting to expand its operations nationally- and so is looking for a CA with about 20yrs exp and adept at raising funds thru various instruments.

There is also a Finance head position in a Mumbai based Pharma company- where a CA with abt 15yrs experience is required to handle independently the finance ops, apart from compliances and treasury. Ideal candidate would be a CA + CS with atleast 4-5yrs in pharma & allied industries/

-Couple of HR Head positions .

A General Manager level person is desired for a large Indian professionally managed Business House for its new plant -away from the hustle of a metro city!! Ideal person would be a premier institute MBA with abt 15yrs experience- strong in IR (industrial relations) with a very good HR orientation. The position reports into the Director HR -based at the corporate office of the company.

The other opening desired for a person with a strong " sales HR" background ! This is for a Pharma company which is in a startup phase, and so would it is imperative that the incumbent have experience of setting up the guidelines, policies and framework of a pharmaceutical organisation.

Coming to think of it ,yes, there is also a need for a HR Head for a service company based in Chennai! The VP level person would be spearheading the company into a National presence.

Should you know of anyone interested, please feel free to contact me offline - For obvious reasons, I cannot be disclosing more than the above inputs!!

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