Work visas -more than that meets the eye & hype

Saturday, April 22, 2017

You pick up any paper, and there is a huge media speculation of job losses, and impending doom due to the visa restrictions.
Not just USA, but we see reports how UK (ref Brexit), Singapore, and this week, even Australia and Singapore seem to have upped the ante'! And passionate counter statements from IT companies in India, how they are not taking away jobs but are actually net creators of more jobs, and how they
- have invested billions of dollars in setting up facilities in the US, directly employ about 100,000 US citizens and support jobs for three times as many Americans
-Over the last four years, job creation by Indian IT companies in the US grew 10% annually compared to a 1.7% cent overall job growth in that country.
According to online job posting data compiled by the US-based The Conference Board, in March this year, computer and mathematical science ads increased from 16,900 to 524,800. The supply/demand rate was 0.26: that is, there are four advertised openings for every job-seeker. In other words, even when companies want to hire locally, there aren’t enough skilled IT professional in the US to take them up.
What one forgets -is post the 2008 subprime crisis, and due to technology, automation and AI etc, a lot of jobs have simply vanished- and a totally new set of job skills are in demand. The World Economic Forum has brought out a series of surveys and reports on the Future of Jobs. And one would be prudent to look ahead, and plan. And be prepared for the changing demands of the VUCA times.
There is a huge notion that host nations are tightening their immigration policies only hint at 'locals first'. Because the locals are displaced because their jobs are poached by foreign companies winning contracts via lower bids and thus replaced by citizens from abroad. On the contrary, host nations acknowledge the need of local skills shortage and hence are willing to pay equal to or higher than locals salary, if no local talent is available. 
What we are seeing happening globally is countries once again restoring the good faith in hiring. As an active member of an international recruitment network with over 470 partners across 41 countries, we are privy to the stringent demands that our clientele for the hot skills, and it is apparent that it is the fittest who will survive!
I think the need of the hour is changing the perception of the Indian knowledge worker and focus be on discerning the demand of the new skills, and strategizing on leveraging the supply of the best & brightest on short term without the labour bondage & no wage discrimination.  After all, in a world where technology and finance capitals are becoming level playing ground, it is the quality of the human capital that is going to differentiate between the winners and the rest.
In this hype, one gets a feeling that nations & policy makers are in a time warp. For if one were to simply look at the last decade- there have been so many disruptions that have happened -the world has changed!
And even in the tech world, and internet specifically, the GAFA (Google Apple Facebook Amazon) have been given a big run by the NATU (Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla Uber) innovations. All businesses that have grown despite regulation or bureaucracy!
So why all the hue and cry for visas & curbs?
We might just be better off re-thinking about the concepts of work, jobs and leisure? Time to take charge of one's own life :)!?

Worldwide Hiring Outlook for Q2 of 2017 - Indicates Modest Growth

Friday, April 7, 2017

The NPAWorldwide blog has this latest post, summarising the Manpower Group's latest hiring outlook survey

For the second quarter, modest growth is expected on a global basis, as reported by survey respondents throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA. Year-over-year results are more robust in many locations than quarter-over-quarter comparisons. A few of the most salient points are highlighted below. 

The Americas

  • A positive hiring outlook is reported in nine of the 10 countries in the Americas that participated in the survey.
  • Employers in the USA report the strongest hiring plans for the third consecutive quarter, with strongest prospects in the leisure and hospitality, transportation and utilities, and wholesale and retail trade sectors.
  • Some growth is expected in each industry sector in Canada, although the pace is expected to slow down from the prior quarter.
  • Steady payroll gains are expected in Peru, especially in the construction and agricultural sectors.

Asia Pacific

  • For the second consecutive quarter, the hiring outlook in Taiwan is the strongest in AsiaPac. Transportation and utilities is especially optimistic, with employers reporting their strongest numbers since October 2008. The wholesale and retail trade sector is also at a 10-year high.
  • After multiple consecutive strong quarters, hiring expectations in India are at their weakest levels since joining the survey in 2005. Employers are still adding to their payrolls, but at a slower pace than previously reported.
  • After a long drought, there is finally some good news in the mining and construction sector in both Australia and New Zealand. This is the currently the strongest sector in New Zealand, while Australian employers are more optimistic since Q4 2012.
  • Employers throughout China are expecting modest payroll growth. However, there continues to be a fair amount of uncertainty as China transitions to a service-based economy. Many employers are unsure how this transition will impact payrolls.


  • Modest hiring growth is expected in 22 of 25 countries during the second quarter. However, on a year-over-year basis, the hiring outlook has improved in 75% of the countries surveyed.
  • The strongest reports are coming from Germany, which is expecting strong growth in the construction and finance sectors.
  • Spain’s outlook is at its highest level since 2008.
  • Hiring plans in the UK are more mixed. Most employers anticipate some growth, but the pace is lower on both quarter-by-quarter and year-over-year comparisons.

I am privy to specific and hidden jobs in 41 countries courtesy the 470 partner network of NPA, who are specialists & subject matter experts, often focussing on specific domain, industry, levels and geographies. Should you wish to have a personalised call to understand your opportunities in the global talent market, do send me a mail on [email protected] Alternately, feel free to schedule and set up a (nominally paid) personalised career advisory call!

  • The hiring outlook remains negative in Italy for the second consecutive quarter.

10th anniversary of Recruiting in India - Revisiting a video produced by Jim Stroud

Thursday, April 6, 2017

It is exactly 10years to the date that I wrote a blog post after Jim Stroud had featured me on his Recruiting podcast!

Recruiting in India- Jim Stroud & Achyut Menon . It is uncanny that it was just last Sunday, that I discovered the video after 5 years I had saved it 'privately' on Youtube..and had been trying all kind of boolean searches to unearth it from the internet!!

It was courtesy an introduction by my blogging guru Gautam Ghosh  , as Jim visited Hyderabad, and wanted to kill time -and so we had a free wheeling discussion, to compare notes about everything under the sun-as we recorded a 20 minute video-a first one for both of us.

Well this is what I felt in March 2007

In hindsight, I came back from the meeting -almost like a kid returning from a magic show-excited to implement all that I have learnt, and unearth with ease, a dot net project manager here, a C++ guru there, a VLSI design engineer from the depths of a conference, etc..and have since spent a few hours searching!! Well, searching is a euphemistic expression, for I am yet to see the fraction of the results that seem to emerge when Jim was weaving thru the internet :-)!!

I still feel the same with Jim Stroud as he has moved on to become one of the most influential sourcers on the planet, constantly evangelising the best practices-and predicting a more magical world ahead of us.

In hindsight, as Thomas Friedman educated us, the world changed forever in 2007. Am I glad I have been able to reinvent myself, just to stay relevant??

I have since become a hiring consultant, helping companies find talent they cannot find themselves, as we are in the midst of the most happening decade in the history! From a person specialising in hiring returning Indians, I have expanded my network-(yes, I did join NPAWorldwide in 2007!!) -and now have over 470 partners across 41 countries helping our respective network find the right local talent globally!

In world that is inundated with information, next month, I would have completed 5yrs, honing my networking skills with the BNI, the world's largest referral network, with an extended trusted reach of  over 210,000 members across 65 countries, helping create a better impact to more lives, changing the way the world does business!

Personally, I have also embarked on a consulting gig AskMenon, to help give customised advisory to small clients and individuals a ringside view of the changing expectations of careers.

Are we prepared enough-is anybodys guess. With global events like Brexit, Oil crash, and changing attitudes to migration of talent, most countries are becoming 'anti-globalisation'?

I for one, think while technology and finance are level playing grounds for all -the quality of the human capital is going to make the difference between the winners and the rest.

What are your thoughts ? Do feel free to share your impressions, observations, and how do we equip ourselves for #futureofwork

PS Jim also did a cartoon on the Indian software professionals penchant for cricket!! Did you know IPL too happened only in 2008?? Probably some of us were born a couple of decades too early to make a career in cricket??
cartoon for me -based on his knowledge of the Indian software

Safest countries in the world for expats

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I just came across a recent survey mentioned by the World Economic Forum

"In a survey by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad, the company asked 14,300 expats, representing 174 nationalities and living in 191 countries or territories, to rate 43 different aspects of life abroad on a scale of 1-7.One of these aspects was "personal safety and security."

The safest countries for expats, according to the survey, span across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Would you believe it, the US and UK did not make the top of the list!!

"Check out the top 11:

11. Oman — The cost of living is low in the country and crime rates are very low across all metrics, making it a prime spot for expats.
10. Taiwan — The country ranks highly for job satisfaction, good career prospects, and for being on the safest places to be in the world.
9. Finland — Seven out of 10 expats in Finland said they thought of personal safety as a benefit to their move.
8. New Zealand — The country, consisting of two main islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is considered one of the most peaceful places in the world, according to expats.
7. Norway — The country is particularly popular with expats that moved for relationships or with families and expats say the safety aspect is a huge draw.
6. Switzerland — The wealthy nation has a persistently low crime rate and expats report that it is very peaceful to live there.
5. Malta — The small archipelago has just over 400,000 residents and is popular amongst British expats in particular due to its ease of settling in, great weather, and high personal safety and security.
4. Canada — Expats gave the country a high ranking in the personal safety and security index, thanks to low crime rates across the board.
3. Japan — The country has widened its remit to bring in skilled workers and expats report in the InterNations survey that Japan stands out for its "peacefulness."
2. Singapore — The island nation is one of the richest countries in the world and on every metric from personal safety to corporate crime, is rated very low.
1. Luxembourg — The country has only around half a million people living there but its crime rate is one of the lowest in the world."

Do feel free to ping me offline ([email protected]), as I am privy to some of the exciting opportunities, courtesy my extended network of 470 associates in NPAWorldwide, who operate across 41 nations -and clued into the stringent demands of their clientele.

Opportunity for Returning Indians to shape careers!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Especially for those who intend to return to India, bring back their years of lessons and share a slice of global exposure to the next generation.

Keen to share your skills and knowledge in your field of expertise? Here are some responsibilities that you will be privy to

  • Shaping your country’s future citizens with relevant and up-to-date industry experience.
  • Making the best into better beings
  • Introducing discipline for perfection
  • Adding hope to the future of nation
  • Listening to virgin thoughts from youngsters
  • Mastering the art of re-learning
  • Mentoring dispassionately

A leading business group -has set up a new residential university-in partnership with some of the world's most reputed universities and companies. And is launching a School of Engineering Technology, as well as a School of Management by July this year 
Openings exist for faculty across different departments, subjects-and the ideal candidates would be quality PhD candidates with teaching and/or industry experience. 
And yes, accommodation is provided on campus with basic amenities. By the way, there is a full fledged CBS school on the campus for your children too!
And yes, please feel free to share anyone you might know.. who is looking for a platform like this!!.

Global Recruiters Optimistic about the increasing hiring activity!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here is the latest blog post from NPA World Headquarters!!

The key takeaways?

1. My partners are optimistic about the next 6 months

2. The most active domains are manufacturing, construction, mining & chemical process.

3. Accounting/Financial services industries are weaker performing sectors!

Personally, I feel that companies are no longer waiting for things to improve, and are increasingly becoming choosy about hiring the best talent-and ready to pay the premium for the same!!

Among the global assignments we at Options are presently working, are

a) A China based Pharma R&D is keen to hire Indian Research scientists -who have been working in Worldclass research facility

b) A Korea based Remote Radio manufacturing company is hiring Indian engineers in Korea for implementing software designs !

c) An Indonesian company investing in increasing its market share in India-as the country is preparing to take the election.

Stay tuned for more :)!

Some of the openings we are presently engaged with!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It has been a while since this post was over due-and so let me list down some of the active mandates we are presently engaged in -courtesy some of our international associates & our direct clients.


-:There are some exciting opportunities.-infact 24 of them-with a leading provider of hi-performance software solutions for the real estate industry (they employ over 3000 professionals working in 30+ offices through out North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.. Openings presently exist across different client offices in California, North Carolina, Texas. Toronto, Georgia, and Colorado. 

We are looking at professionals with5-10 years ERP implementation experience (, big shop consulting, RE and/or Accounting, past or current consulting experience to back Project Management skills

- Banking opportunties in HongKong, China and Indonesia.

-Opportunities exist in Africa for professionals with experience in running manufacturing plans in the Rubber industry in Africa

- Some of the positions indicated in the earlier post regarding Options in Tanzania, are still open! While a couple of professionals have since joined for work onsite, there are a few who are making the transition -having quit their present employers in India-and due to join in the coming fortnight-after serving out their notice period`
There are a couple of mandates at a very preliminary stage :
- a leading MNC group -a client in the tire manufacturing space with a reach in over 120 countries world wide. The client is looking at expanding its reach in Europe and hence is looking at hiring a Regional Manager for its European Operations to be based out of Italy. 

- an player in the Indian healthcare industry -looking to expand their markets in the Gulf/African market, and needing someone to spearhead the foray.
- A leading player in the Education sector with operations over 100 countries-is expanding its presence in India-by partnering with local promoters in about 8 locations in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab . Opportunities exist for Headmasters for schools to be run in the CBSE curriculum.
Healthcare domain-someone who has a good grasp of the sector, strong in analytics and creating products/services -and handling end to end project management of the roll out!
There are also a couple of positions in the middle & senior management for HR professionals with experience in manufacturing industries, like fertilisers, cement and pharma.
Happy networking!

Options in Tanzania!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Here is a bulk mandate shared by an associate of mine!
The client is travelling across multiple cities in India..during the 2nd week of September.
And so, should you know you anyone qualified -and willing to explore career opportunities in Tanzania, please do let me know. Else -do share their profiles with me-and I shall be glad to provide the necessary inputs - the detailed job description /Salary/savings potential help him/her decide!



Exp Range


Exec Asst to CEO of Quality Group Limited.


8~10 years




15-20 years  


Group HR & Admin Manager.


20+ years


Director/GM- Internal Audit.

CA - Internal Audits

15-20 years  


Chief Commercial Officer.


20~25 years


Director- IT


15+ years


GM-Investments & Planning.


10~15 years




15~20 years


Manager-Investments & Planning.


7~10 years


CEO IT Manager.


4~8 years


Assistant IT Manager.


4~8 years


Chief Investments Officer


20+ years


GM-Finance & Accounts for Telecom Company called Q.Cell.


12~15 years


Accounts executives for Internal Audit department.


0~3 years


Resource Manager for MS project implementation.


3~5 years


Civil Engineer

BE Civ

5~10 years